The Contest Format


We are looking forward to welcome many of the riders who were there to experience the explosion of FREESTYLE snowboarding in the 90‘s. No matter if they are coming to shred and party like back in those days or even to bring their family along to watch, ride and enjoy. We want to give also the younger generation a taste of the riding, music and vibes from the ”Golden Days” of snowboarding and at the same time introducing a whole new, generations connecting contest format the BANKED AIR’18.

A contest format world premiere that will let the 90s rider generation shine again. Riding experience and instinctive choice of line are as important as athletic constitution and trick abilities.

Our contest format is based on 4 key aspects

  1. Skills of freestyle snowboarding will be combined with the ability of fast and smooth riding. Airtime and style are as important as speed for the final result.
  2. Freestyle tricks / moves are limited to a maximum of 540° rotation in any direction.
  3. The format will be thrilling and at the same time well understandable for spectators on site and on TV. People without any freestyle knowledge will be able to follow easily.
  4. (National ) Crew matches will bring an additional emotional aspect into the contest for participants and spectators alike.

It´s all about Speed, Airtime & Style – Heights and style will reduce the measured time!

  • A start to finish run is time-measured
  • The time minus 7 possible airtime bonuses and a judged style bonus results in the final time
  • The airtime bonus starts above 1 second, each additional airtime is a time bonus
  • The measured spot is the center of the snowboard
  • The style bonus can be up to 5 seconds and will be excecuted on airtime smoothness, the duration of the board grab and a solid stomping and smooth ride out


  • Nation crews are drawn to match each other in a KO system
  • Two crews battle, each riding with 4 male and 1 female rider alternatively
  • Each rider in a battle has two runs, the better one counts
  • The best 4 out of 5 times are added and relevant for the Crew results
  • The National Crew Finals as well as The Salty Dogs Final will offer 3 runs for each rider, best one counts.
  • All times/results measured are taken for single rankings as well in male, female and age classes.
  • Open Crews results are taken best 3 results out of 4 riders (3 male 1 female)